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Swanned dating app

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Swanned is a British & Irish expat app helping people find dates and mates.

Moving overseas is hard... you’re away from family, you need to make new friends, on top of that you have to navigate the crazy world of dating.

Having a strong community and meeting people who have things in common with you is key to happy, healthy relationships.

Whether you’re single and looking for new friends, or lovers, our app helps you find the Swan that you want!

Why Swanned Expat App?

Meaningful Dating

Mass market dating apps are inefficient at finding love. 9/10 don’t find a relationship on Tinder. Having things in common is the best way to make real connections with people that ACTUALLY get you.


It’s just not quite the same when someone doesn’t understand your Peep Show reference or doesn't know what a Jaffa cake is! (Full moon, half moon, total eclipse!) Use Swanned to meet those who get Brit Banter and Irish craic.

No dating app fatigue

Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy your dating app experience!? Niche dating apps like Swanned where you meet like-minded people are far more effective at helping users find long-term love.

Birds of a feather flock together

It’s human nature to gravitate towards something familiar. There really is nothing better than bonding over a beer reminiscing of home. It's important to pair up with someone who understands the difficulties of living so far from home.


Did you know swans mate for life? We believe they are the ultimate symbol of true love. Even the shape of two swans together makes a heart! We hope you use Swanned and then quickly get off it again...Our mission is to help you find the (sw)one.

Hang with adventurers like you

Wanna go hiking, try out surfing or barhop? Meet expats like you who live for a sense of adventure just like you.

What people are saying about Swanned...

I just moved in with my boyfriend who I met on Swanned. Thanks to you! #successstory

Aisling, 29

Dublin > Sydney

Thanks so much, Swanned is such a great idea. There is just so much more banter with people from back home.

Warren, 29

Bangor > Manly

After I joined the swiping craze I quickly realised that the only ones to make it past round one were the British or Irish. No more awkward first date moments, as I know i’m always in for a good time.

Grace, 23

Manchester > Bondi

The best thing about dating a girl on might not fall in love, but you’re almost guaranteed to enjoy the craic on your first date.

Henry, 30

Edinburgh > Melbourne

App Features

Be on the same page

Unlike other apps, people’s intentions are clear from the start so you don’t fall in love with someone who's about to move back home.

Raver or be-haver?

Filter personality traits that matter to you.

Datetastic deals

Get access to discounts and deals exclusive for Swanned members to help you date.

Change your location

Living the nomadic expat life? Be shown and meet other Swans in other cities as you travel.

Mates & Dates with Bants!

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