Safety Tips

Should a fellow Swan take your fancy and you want to test the waters and take the dive from the online platform to the real world, that’s fantastic! However we advise you to take a read of our safety tips below...

Be sure to meet in a public domain

We do not recommend inviting any Swans into your home or nest when meeting for the first time. Why not take the excitement of a 1st date to a trendy new bar or go for a walk in daylight hours where you know there will be plenty of other people around.

Tell a friend, relative, colleague who you are meeting

We don’t mind who you tell, just make sure someone knows where and when you’re going. It’s so simple to do and you don’t need to tell the world, just one responsible person.

Exercise caution

We all like to have a good time but please take care to limit your alcohol consumption. Too many drinks lead us all to more questionably decision making (as well as sore heads the next morning!). At the end of the day, if your Swan match is a keeper, you’ll have to make sure you get on without the effects and enhancements of inebriation!

Think before you give out your personal details to fellow Swans

Although we will keep tabs on any naughty behaviour (and will kick off any offenders of behaviour that is not in keeping with the ethos of our app) we obviously cannot meet with all our Swans in person, so cannot vouch for all of them. Before you hand out your digits, have a think whether you want a particular Swan to be able to chap on your door or ping your phone without the added barrier of the Swanned App.

Practise safe sex

Need we say more. And hanky panky of course is always fully consensual.

We do not recommend sharing any private and personal data with fellow Swans

Swans should not exchange any bank details or involve themselves in any financial arrangements with any other users. Swanned Pty Ltd cannot be held liable for any damages or loss for any actions taken by individual users on Swanned so please remember to think carefully before you act.

Cyber bullying, intimidation or personal threats to other users will not be tolerated under any circumstances

Any users caught behaving in such a manner will be blocked permanently and further action could be taken.

Racism will not be tolerated in any manner, way, shape or form

This is completely against our ethos at Swanned.