Swanned dating app

Are you an Aussie or Kiwi living in London?

Would you like an app that helps you find mates & dates with people from back home?

LAUNCHING SOON! Swanned’s expat app helps you connect with like-minded awesome people from downunder.

We get that moving across the globe is hard and making friends and dating in a new country can feel even harder. Whether you’ve just landed, trying out London or just wanna meet some awesome people to hang out with, connecting to other expats in the same boat is a great way to build true relationships that can last a lifetime.


First 1,000 people get 3 months free!

Why use Swanned expat app?

It’s all about Mateship

It’s easy to make friends when you can talk Visa dramas, reminisce about Aussie Coffee, TimTams and people who get AFL. Build true friendships with people who know and live the expat journey.

Fair Dinkum Friends

It’s just not quite the same when someone doesn’t understand what you mean when you say Maccas, when you want to go shopping for Jandles and when you want to go to the bottle-O. Use Swanned to meet those who get The Aussie & Kiwi slang.

Hang with adventurers like you

Wanna go to Infernos in Clapham, Shop at Westfield, go up the London Eye or take a trip to Europe? Meet expats like you who live for a sense of adventure just like you.

Meaningful Dating

Mass market dating apps are inefficient at finding love. 9/10 don’t find a relationship on Tinder. Having things in common when you come from the same place is the best way to make real connections with people that ACTUALLY get you.

Birds of a feather flock together

It’s human nature to gravitate towards something familiar. There really is nothing better than bonding over a beer reminiscing of home. It's important to pair up with someone who understands the difficulties of living so far from home.


Did you know swans mate for life? We believe they are the ultimate symbol of true love. Even the shape of two swans together makes a heart! We hope you use Swanned and then quickly get off it again...Our mission is to help you find the (sw)one.

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(first 1,000 people get 3 months free)