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Moving across the globe is hard and making friends in a new country can feel even harder. Whether you’ve just landed, trying out a new city or just wanna meet some awesome people to hang out with, connecting to other expats in the same boat is a great way to build true friendships that can last a lifetime.

Swanned’s NEW mate mode helps you to build meaningful relationships with expat friends that are just like you.

Why use Swanned mates?

Make meaningful relationships

It’s easy to make friends when you can talk Visa dramas, reminisce about the Spice Girls and your love of Monster Munch. Build true friendships with people who know and live the expat journey.

Build your friendship family

The friends you make when you arrive can be crucial to your happiness overseas. We all need a support network when our real families are so far away.

Hang with adventurers like you

Wanna go hiking, try out surfing or barhop? Meet expats like you who live for a sense of adventure just like you.

Have friends with benefits

Dating doesn’t have to be so scary when you meet as friends first. You never know what could happen when there’s no pressure to fall in love on the first date.

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