What are the best niche dating apps?

If you’ve spent more than a few minutes down the rabbit hole that is dating apps, you know there are more than a few to choose from. You’ll have heard of the big players like Tinder and Bumble which have an overwhelming list of people to navigate, but what if you’re looking for something with a little more substance? This is where finding the right niche dating app can be the answer.

While dating apps can be great for that first introduction, if you don’t have something in common it can be hard to get past those first few relationship hurdles and into something more meaningful. Most women say they use dating apps to look for a match rather than a casual hook-up, and using dating apps can be the perfect way to cut through the chaff. As many dating apps focus on an image and a profile it can be hard to find the real person behind the profile.

By using a dating app that focuses on the actual person and what their specific interests are you’ll have a much better chance at finding a true connection. Its our character and experiences that drive matches. As individuals we are so much more than what we see in the mirror. Remember to never judge a book by its cover! Although physical attractiveness is still important, it’s not usually the deciding factor that keeps us together.

Time to get your niche on

Our users tell us they’re looking for someone who they have something in common with. It could be your shared love of football, brussel sprouts, hiking, or perhaps you come from the same town and now you’re living abroad. Whatever it is, this is clearly an important factor which can help you narrow down your search. Niche dating apps highlight the flaws of mainstream apps and offer a tailored made option for their demographic.

There really is nothing better than bonding over a beer and reminiscing of home! Even if you’re only looking for a short-term thing, having something to talk about can make the first-date experience so much better. It can be pretty difficult to fake an interest in something (especially when it comes to shared personal experiences from home) than it is to put up a dodgy photo… so meeting like-minded people can also help you weed out the catfish. It’s a win win!

There are literally dozens of niche dating apps to suit all genders, ages, and preferences. It’s a safe bet that whatever takes your fancy there is an app out there for you!!

Compare niche dating apps

  • Swanned - well we had to start off with us of course. Designed for expats to meet expats helping them find mates & dates. Swanned offers a community feel and matches people based on shared values and cultural similarities. Who doesn’t love bonding over Peep show and Marks & Spencer sandwiches afterall. Plus, it’s never fun to fall in love with someone who is about to move home, on Swanned your intentions are set from the start.
  • Fitafy - for people who love to work out! If you enjoy staying fit and being a gym ‘junkie’, this is the app for you. But it’s not just for gym goers, you could just be into a healthy lifestyle. Or just obsessed with smashed avo on toast!
  • The League - targeted towards young professionals who have been ‘selected’ for their app. They will use your LinkedIn profile to block your page from people you work with, and help keep your profile secret. Are you good enough to be ‘let in’?
  • The Inner Circle - supposedly an ‘exclusive app’ that screens users through Facebook and LinkedIn, but we’re not convinced they actually do this. Never quite got off the ground in Australia, but they have a bigger following around the world. We liked how they include events in the app for people to meet IRL.
  • Toffee - only for users that have had a private education. Did you grow up playing Polo and saying Supper? Maybe you only want to meet people that have the same passion for caviar darling! To join you need to send details of the school you attended before being approved. La-de-da!
  • Hily (Hey, I Like You!) - designed to increase conversation by matching people based on their interests, backgrounds, and app activity. You can use the app to go live with video, and make video calls which is totally relevant in this new digital world we find ourselves in.
  • Jdate - a dating app that is targeted for those in the Jewish community. Sometimes it just makes sense to meet someone who also understands Fridays nights are family nights.
  • OkCupid - predominantly uses a multiple-choice questionnaire to match users with each other. This app sure goes beyond matching by only using photos- just make sure you settle in before you start your profile as it’s pretty comprehensive.
  • Sugar Daddy - just like it says, this is for meeting an older and wealthier partner... but not necessarily a single one. Oh er!

Australian dating app comparison

If you’re currently in Australia looking for the best or newest dating apps to hit the market, our list has you ready to go quicker than you can say, ‘come here often’?

  • Tinder - with a no filter approach you certainly won’t run out of people to swipe, but you might waste away a fair bit of time swiping left. Being a mass market app, anyone can sign up and it’s most commonly associated with getting a “quick fix” (wink wink). Popular with users 18-24.
  • Bumble - the female friendly version of Tinder, Bumble offers not only relationships, but has a friendship and business mode too. On a match only women can initiate messaging which require both parties to start talking within 24 hours or you have to pay to get them back. Women power!
  • Grindr - exclusive for members of the LGBTQ community. It started as being exclusive for gay m en but has since expanded and is now the largest gay mobile app in the world. Location based search helps users find other profiles of people near them within their set preferences.
  • Hinge - dubbed as the app ‘designed to be deleted’ - they want you to find a match and then you won’t need them anymore. Hinge boosts more detailed profiles which users can comment on any aspects rather than just saying yay or nay to profile pictures.
  • Happn - ever thought your barista was super cute and you only wish you’d been brave enough to get his number ...or you’re sure you had eye contact with the cutie on the bus this morning but how do I get in touch with her. Happn uses GPS location to match people you have come across as you go about your day. So go on, next time give that special someone a little wink ;)

So, there you have it. Forget Tinder and Bumble – specialised niche dating apps are on the rise, catering to those with particular dietary requirements, religious beliefs and educational backgrounds. There really is an app out there for you no matter your preferences…Which one’s your favourite?