Swanned dating app

Looking for love as an expat.

Written by Ashleigh Taylor


When we all decided to move to Australia, pack our bags, leave our jobs and loved ones behind, we knew that we were heading for adventure. To find new friends, new careers, new experiences and potentially even a new life partner.

The same thought crosses everyone’s minds, who could I potentially fall in love with? At first we all have to tell our mums ‘don’t worry, I won’t fall in love with a surfer and start a family in Byron, ill be home before you know it’. But for most of us English and Irish expats the dream is never the reality.

Of course, Aussies are beautiful, chill and a SUPER easy-going breed of people, but there really is nothing better than walking into a bar and hearing a local with a cheeky charm.

After a few months, the fantasy of meeting an Aussie fades and we naturally all find ourselves drawn more and more to anyone we can cling on to who feels like home. In some places, such as the likes of Bondi and Coogee, it even feels like we are home (plus tropical weather and beaches).

But sometimes falling in love with someone on the other side of the world isn’t as easy as we all think and the question crosses our minds. What are we going to do when we move home? Where will we live? Are our backgrounds too different? What if one of us wants to stay and the other doesn’t? VISA’S?!

Living in a country as amazing as Australia, it’s hard for all of us to grow up and settle down. The words ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘Neverland’ get thrown around a lot. Everyone is having too much fun to settle. But meeting someone out here will always be different than meeting someone at home. All of us expats share the same outlook on life, sense of adventure and the LOVE of meeting new people. How amazing would it be to meet someone who shares that with you?

From looking at friends and couples around us, it truly is apparent that if you’re meant to be, it WILL work no matter the spanners that come our way.

I recently discovered Swanned, and I love the concept so much that now I’m even working for them! I really do think it’s the app all us expats have been looking for. So cut right to the point and find out if that person wants the same things as you, to travel, have fun, something casual or even a long-term partner….on Swanned.