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Opposites don't attract

Don’t believe the rumours, or Paula Abdul for that matter, opposites don’t attract.

Here at Swanned, we believe that true connections are formed when people have similar things in common. And now, our ideology has been proven that it’s not just us saying it – it’s been proven that it’s hard-wired.

A recent study on how we seek similarity in relationships has shown that we are in fact drawn to like-minded people.

The likelihood of a relationship developing depends on the level of similarity two individuals share from their first meeting. Friendships are also driven more by pre-existing similarities, rather than friends bonding over time due to the influence they may have on each other. This isn’t just our opinion, it is science!

We all know that buzz, that feeling of excitement, when you realise you have something in common with someone. OMG, how to do know Matt?? I can’t believe you are friends with him too. It’s such a small world. We’ve all been there right!

So if you were brought up with Disney dreams of Beauty and the Beast, or for our younger users, Shrek, don’t believe the rumours, opposites don’t attract!

Swanned helps you discover those all-important traits in common with other Swans from the outset. Whether it’s realizing you come from the same tiny home town or that you were both at Glastonbury in 2010 watching the wonderful Stevie Wonder headlining that year. Finding those common-traits upfront will help you to have more successful dates, more meaningful connections, and most importantly, more fun!

So, if you’re single and looking for love, it could be that the girl or guy next door really is the (sw)one for you. Opposites rarely attract, so you are in fact much better off focusing on meeting people who have similar qualities, interests, attitudes and outlooks to yourself.

Instead, how about writing what you are passionate about, what you are looking for in your next relationship, maybe why you find yourself on the app, the funniest thing you did last year. Something that makes you stand out from the pack. You don't have to reveal too much about yourself if you don’t want to, but be real.

The Daily Mail quotes, “This research offers one of the most definitive accounts showing that not only do 'birds of a feather flock together' but goes one step further to show that 'birds of a feather find each other before flocking.”

So without further ado, get Swanning people. Finding out similarities and common interests is a powerful tool and may help you all seal the deal in finding your future love interests.

Ready to see for yourself? Head over to itunes or Google Play store today to download Swanned today!

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