Swanned dating app

Swanned makes waves in Bondi

Sydney’s new British Irish Dating app has some fun with their new guerrilla marketing campaign.

During rush hour at Bondi Junction train station, commuters would have seen a large handwritten sign, shaming a cheating ex-girlfriend called Isla Cameron.

However, when you look up the cheater’s name on social media, you’ll find the profile of Swanned’s Co-founder, Isla Cameron.

The sign reads: I just got dumped by the girl who has started Swanned, the stupid British and Irish dating app. Told her to go home if she wants to date a Londoner #gohomebrits

Isla, Co-founder of Swanned said,

“For just the price of a marker pen, we were able to get our brand in front of 9,000 people who travel to work each day through Bondi Junction. As a hub for British & Irish expats, it seemed like the perfect place for our buzz-marketing stunt.”

“As a small start-up with basically $0 budget, we have to find cheap and innovative ways to get our brand out there. We’re certainly not trying to compete with the Bumbles and Tinders of the world with their huge marketing budgets. Doing something a bit controversial where people are intrigued to stop, read and hopefully take a picture was the intention.”

“At Swanned, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re happy to take the mickey out of ourselves if it means we might get a bit of attention. It’s a good strategy for us as a new start-up looking to get noticed in a crowded market.”

Natalie, Co-founder said it was interesting to watch the reaction of bondi commuters.

"Commuters seems genuinely perplexed about the unknown dumpee. Reading the sign with worried expression, not a smirk in sight.