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8 Reasons to date an Irishman

Ah the luck of the Irish. Wouldn’t we all like to have it? Well if you haven’t been blessed with Ireland being your homeland, the next best thing could be making your significant other one of them. If we don’t have you convinced yet, read on to discover all the best traits of the Irish and perhaps there will be no turning back…

1. Because of the craic

This has to be our number one reason for the very simple fact that the Irish are such good fun. I mean, have you ever met a boring Irish person? A country that had a song called Maniac by McCabe can’t possibly breed lackluster lads and lassies in our opinion. The Irish are known for having great craic, trust us, your date with an Irish man won’t disappoint.

2. You could get a passport to Europe

We’re not saying this should be the deal breaker when you are looking for your Sw(one), but it certainly helps. Applications for Irish passports went up 50% when Brexit was announced so get in quick!

3. They’ll always be up for a drink

Whether it’s a Fat Frog or pint of Guinness (just think you’ll never be low on iron) the Irish (like the rest of the British Isles to be honest) sure do love to drink. So you’ll never have to feel guilty for that raging hangover or wanting to crack open that bottle of red on a Monday night again!

4. Paddy’s day

We love the Irish for bringing us St Patrick’s Day, celebrated around the world and these days not just by the Irish. Get out on Paddys Day and bag yourself one of those sexy leprechauns for yourself.

5. Chivalry isn’t dead

It’s said that the Irish are very romantic. We think it comes from the close knit bond they all share with their families, mammies and daddies. Irish boys are taught to be chivalrous and Irish women are rated as one of the most loving partners in the world. The perfect excuse to have a particularly romantic place for your first date. And if that wasn’t enough, divorce rates in Ireland fall significantly below the rest of Europe. With the decision to settle down becoming later and later these days, (average marriage ages for men are now over 35, and women over 33) it can definitely be said that when the Irish do decide to settle, they settle well.

6. You’ll never have an awkward silence

Whether telling tales of long lost cousins, or battles from the 1300s, the Irish love a good yarn and are expert story tellers. You’ll never have to worry about filling that awkward silence ever again.

7. Because of the way they sound

Need we say more. You don’t get any sexier an accent than an Irish one. An Irishman can make a hoover instruction manual sound sexy and the lilt of the ladies has made many a man weak at the knees. Say Dyson again, we dare you…

8. Because of Jamee Dornan and Colin Farrell for the women and Laura Whitmore and Andrea Corr for the boys.

We admit, probably not really a legitimate reason to base your future partners potential on…but we thank you Ireland for bringing us much appreciated eye candy regularly. Keep the hotties coming, you’re doing a great job!

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